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If you follow us on social media you may remember our post on Lemongrass House and their celebration of Earth Hour. Lemongrass House is the leading provider of all natural handmade spa products here in Singapore. With developing and producing eco-friendly products at the core of their mission, it seems that consumers have jumped onto the natural ingredients and essential oils train as well! To break it down for you, Lemongrass House is found in over 100 five and six star hotels and spas around the world and is distributed across 28 countries. We tried out these following products:

Ginger Tea | Jasmine Absolute Hydrating Body Cream | Lemongrass Shower Gel | Blue Chamomile Shampoo

Overall, the first thing you notice about the products is their aroma. The scents are very authentic and unlike some other mass produced items, the smell is not an artificial one nor is it overpowering. Sensitive skin and allergies to preservations? Lemongrass House should be your new best friend in the shower or bath! When you hear the world “natural”, sometimes you jump to the conclusion that the products are not refined or perhaps a small collection. Well, think again! When you are using them, if you just close your eyes, maybe you could be having an aromatherapy spa treatment – the consistency, fluidity and scents are so authentic!

And the fact that the company is green conscious from recycling, to using raw materials from renewable resources and also sourcing the majority of these from organic farmers… We’ll cheers some ginger tea to that!

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