FIDE Fashion Week 2013 – Guo Pei

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Guo Pei manages to steal the show every time she visits Singapore and FIDE Fashion Week 2013 was no exception. The Chinese couturier is known for collections that are nothing short of breathtaking (and this year Marina Bay Sands finally put up a location worthy of her creations).

She chose to bring the Arabian 1002th Night collection which was first shown in 2010 – stunning not just for the gowns (some of which we suspect had hidden supports on wheels to hold them up) but for the talent of the models who managed to make it down the catwalk in the signature Guo Pei platform shoes without a hitch.

Unlike the collection we shot at Digital Fashion Week last year, which celebrated traditional Chinese wedding gowns, each of the outfits in the Arabian Nights collection is inspired by different countries around the world. See if you can pick which is from where!

FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4619 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4519 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4523 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4534FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4557 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4566 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4581 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4586 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4591 FIDE2013_GuoPei_IMG_4608

photography by Katherine

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