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“I’m going to be the mum here,” announces Victoria Beckham in her instantly-recognisable accent, appearing from behind us. Today it’s not her four children she’s organising, but us, the unruly members of the media. Compared to her roles as a mother, a wife and owner of an emerging fashion empire, fitting 15 people into one Instagram frame is the least of her challenges.


She certainly deals with every challenge, including rising above the comments that a celebrity line can never be taken seriously in fashion. Yet before us is a taut collection of sleek, ladylike lines in complementary shades of leather. The Victoria Beckham brand is all about controlled grace, from the products to her media operations.

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This is never more apparent than when a personal question arises about her life with celebrity hubby David Beckham. There’s a tense, but short-lived moment, as we wait to see how she’ll react. After all, the Victoria Beckham portrayed by the media is notoriously aloof, and we’ve already had strict instructions that her personal life is off-limits.

However, her response is deft and affable. She briefly acknowledges that David is a style powerhouse in his own right, talks about the time she commits to sending the children to school, then deftly moves on to compliment a member of the audience on their skirt from the ‘Born Free’ charity collection, which she contributed two pieces to.

When asked about her design inspirations, she’s very clear: she likes what she likes. Seemingly, the strong, singular style that shows through in her collections comes from gut feeling – and lots of moodboards. She has no one style icon, but likes to dress role models for female empowerment, citing Hillary Clinton as one person she would like to style.

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Her first comment on Singapore? The heat. “We’ve coined a new hashtag while we’re here,” she says, adjusting her trademark dark locks, “It’s #fightthefrizz.” She’s clearly on top of the latest in technology as well as fashion, instagramming every moment from karaoke in her hotel room to cradling the baby of one of her many fans gathered at Scott’s Square to catch a glimpse of her. So much for the aloofness we’ve been led to expect.

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There’s also a clear recognition that Asia is a growing market and it looks like Singapore and Indonesia will be a focus for the brand in partnership with retailer On Pedder. The capsule collection for the store combines the so-hot-right-now blush shade with cut-out detailing for a sure-fire hit with Singapore’s elite.

VictoriaBeckham_IMG_20140513_104859 VictoriaBeckham_IMG_5507

Inevitably, there is mention of the girl group that gave Victoria her start, but it seems that her days as a Spice Girl are far behind her. “This is my passion,” she says, with a gesture that encompasses the room: the carefully arranged bags and sunglasses, and the attentive faces focused on her. There’s no stopping her now.

What’s next in the fashion empire? She’s quick to refute the suggestion of a children’s line, but doesn’t deny the possibility of an upcoming shoe range. If it’s anything like her womenswear and accessories, we and her fashion bunniescan’t wait to see it.




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