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EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5778Her sultry looks and distinctive laugh might be instantly recognisable from her stint playing Gaby on Desperate Housewives, but there’s much more to Eva Longoria. The actress was on a lightning-fast trip to Singapore earlier this month to help Italian jewellery brand Damiani celebrate their 90th anniversary and officially open their new boutique at Marina Bay Sands. EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5757It’s not the first time that Damiani have brought a Hollywood star to Singapore. Regular readers might remember that Sophia Loren graced the island as one of the brand’s longest supporters. Those are  big shoes to fill, but Eva seems to love a challenge. When she’s not on TV, she has launched a restaurant, started children’s charity Eva’s Heroes, written cookbooks and most recently became a producer and guest director of a new series, ‘Devious Maids’.EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5772For any who doubt whether this success is the product of her own work or whether it’s all part of the celebrity machine, her determination and strength come through in person as well as through her work.

“I do like directing, I love telling people what to do,” she jokes, before explaining further, “You get to use a different part of your brain and you have more control over the final product.”

It’s not hard to see why she’s good friends with Victoria Beckham, who also visited Singapore recently, as they share a love of running, a dedication to getting the job done and support of charitable causes. In fact, while most of her answers about her beauty regimen and travels are concise, once she starts talking about what she does to champion better inclusion for women, children and the Latino community she can’t stop.

She doesn’t bat an eyelid at a last minute request from cancer charity Kick Sarcoma to attend the press meet. As it turns out, one of the recovering patients benefiting from the charity had previously met Eva and there were delighted screams all round as they recognised each other.EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5787Controlled, personable but incredibly authentic, it’s easy to see why Damiani chose Eva as a brand ambassador. She and the brand share an instantly classic style, and while a casual observer might just see a pretty face on first glance there’s much more depth.

It was a privilege to also meet Guido Damiani at the new boutique as he explained the intricate details of each piece. Every decade, the brand has applied their craft in different ways to adapt to the changing tastes of their clients, but they have never forgotten attention to detail or quality.

EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5780EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5819  To celebrate 90 years, the brand is displaying one piece to represent each decade. Visit the new store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to see some of this beautiful work in person!EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5821EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5790EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5796EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5803EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5805EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5820EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5812EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5813EvaLongoria_DamianiIMG_5815

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