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Perfect nail art in seconds? Sounds like every girl’s dream. I’ve been wanting to try these for a while and finally found some designs I liked from NCLA Designer Nail Wraps.

NCLA is one of the pricier brands of nail stickers but the ‘Top Down Volume Up’ set had cool designs for every nail. Plus, the promise of instant nail art was too good to pass up! So is it really that easy?


Step One:

Before you even think about opening the packet, you need to shape and prime your nails. The stickers will fit most nail shapes and lengths but you don’t want to be doing any shaping after application.

It’s very important to apply a generous coat (or two) of polish first. Trust me – you don’t want to see your actual nails peeling off when you remove the stickers. You can use a couple of layers of clear base coat, or add on a polish in a complimentary shade. This is particularly handy if you accidentally choose a sticker that’s too small, or can be used to create a two-tone effect.



Step two:

Once your nail polish dries, you’re ready to start with your nail wraps. Each packet comes with 26 stickers in several different sizes. I generally found that the sticker I thought would fit was a size too small. You might want to select which design will go on which nail first to avoid duplicating the same design on adjacent fingers (oops).



Step three:

Applying the sticker requires a steady hand and a bit of patience. A friend has compared this to applying a screen protector – start at one end then push the bubbles out slowly. The stickers do tend to stretch a bit so don’t push them too hard.

The stickers are long to fit different nail sizes so you need to trim them. NCLA provides a cute nail file for this, but it can actually take some of the colour off the sticker. Some careful work with a nail clipper or nail scissors keeps the ends pristine.


Step four:

Finally, you’re done! IMG_5738

The good:

There is almost every design you can imagine in the NCLA range and you’re bound to get plenty of compliments. It’s also a lot faster than sitting in a manicurist’s chair – no more doing the ‘shake it like a polaroid picture’ while each coat dries or worrying about chipping. Until we get nail printing, it’s the easiest way to get a stand-out mani. One packet gives you two rounds of application, or lots of highlight nails if you’re not keen on a full hand of full-on prints.

The not-so-good:

Application isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, although it’s much better once you get used to it. More importantly, they look great going on and not so good coming off. Be prepared to spend some time peeling these off, and face the consequences if you haven’t primed your nails properly.

Where to buy:

NCLA Nail Wraps are exclusive to Zalora in Singapore, where you can purchase most of the range for $20-23 SGD. A little secret – we got an extra discount thanks to Flipit, which gets all of the latest discount codes straight from Zalora (and other retailers) and publishes them for everyone to use.

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