Review: Essence Guerilla Gardening Velvet Nail Effect Powder

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by Katherine

As a bit of a nail polish addict I’m always looking for something a bit different, so on a recent trip to Beauty World in Thailand this product caught my eye. Matte has been a trend for a long time now so German nail art label Essence decided to take it one step further with their Guerilla Gardening nail effect powder.

Like a miniature tub of grass clippings (in shade ‘I’m the moss’) this powder promises ‘soft touch finish guaranteed!’ I simply had to try it out to see what on earth it does (plus, who doesn’t love astroturf?).

The instructions make it look quite easy – take a similar nail polish shade, tip some of the nail effect powder on while the polish is still wet, then use a brush to remove the excess afterwards. It’s a similar technique to the Ciate nail caviar which has been popular over the last year.


So here’s a bit of a tutorial on what I did…

First, a treatment layer with some Ciate nail tonic:



Next, a blue/green nail polish with a generous dusting of nail effect powder. The first impression of the powder is like crushed felt, or lots of little pieces of fluff. It’s best to do one nail at a time so that the polish is still wet enough for the powder to stick.

It was a little disappointing then that despite the cute packaging, there was no tray included to collect the excess powder so a piece of paper had to do.



As you can see, the first attempt didn’t go so well. Dusting on the powder evenly requires a lot of maneuvering and sometimes it comes out in clumps. When I tried to get the clump out, I ended up taking some of the polish with it!

The results is a little like a mini lawn on your nail, assuming that you can get the right balance of enough powder and not so much that it looks like a mini shag rug instead.



The dusting got easier, leaving a result that’s a little more Oscar the Grouch than manicured lawn. I’m a bit scared of wiping all of the powder off every time I use my hands – I think you will probably get a longer-lasting (though different) effect if you press the powder in immediately.essence_nail_velvet_effectIMG_6585



It’s definitely a different nail look that will inspire some comments. There’s a bit of a novelty to having furry nails.


The powder doesn’t last long, and takes a bit of experimentation to get right. There’s also limited colours – this grassy green or a bright candy pink. It would be nice if more accessories like the brush and tray were included, or if it was packaged with a matching nail colour (like Ciate’s packs).


Essence Guerilla Gardening nail effect powder is easy to use and a big novelty, but I’m not sure whether I would repeat the experience of having felt on my nails! I’m going to leave this form of nail art alone.

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