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There’s one decision in a wedding that causes headaches, catfights and tears. No, we’re not talking about the guestlist…we’re talking about the bridesmaids dresses.

Shopping with your best girlfriends should be fun, right? But it can be tough trying to find a dress that all of your bridesmaids – and you – can agree on. Maybe everyone has a different body type. Maybe one girl won’t be seen dead in the wedding colours. Or maybe someone is just shy about showing too much at the top or at the bottom. It’s important that everyone feels and looks good on the big day so that they can focus on helping the event to run smoothly.

Don’t worry if you’re having some trouble with the bridesmaids dresses. We’ve got some tips to help in all situations so that you can focus on the rest of the event!


One bridesmaid loves pink, the other can’t stand it. If everyone wants a different colour, you can compromise by having everyone in complementary colours with a similar cut. You might be surprised at how good it looks! Try a classic sweetheart neckline with pastel colours, like J Crew’s Nadia dress: sweetheartbridesmaiddress A simple Grecian full length dress is also a great option: grecianbridesmaidsdress WHEN YOU REALLY CAN’T AGREE ON COLOUR

If a variety of colours doesn’t suit your theme or your bridesmaids’ preferences, you can’t go wrong with neutrals and metallics. Forget the rule that only the bride can wear white – you can make sure the bride’s dress stands out by keeping bridesmaid dresses short, like this one from ChiChi London:

Bridesmaids dress


Another way of avoiding colours is to go for a metallic colour – this works especially if the dress needs to do double time for a Chinese tea ceremony and white wedding, or a church ceremony and reception.

If your colour is striking, go with a more classic silhouette, like this gold DVF dress:


Or this silver tulip dress by Alex Evenings:_8800757


Scared of sparkles? Combine shimmer and chiffon, like this B44 sheath dress:_9520948


A cut might suits one person but not suit another. If your bridesmaids have different body types but you want everyone to be in the same dress, try a fitted bodice with an A-line skirt.

A1723_PK6432 66737_OR5230

These are classic cuts but that doesn’t need to mean boring. Get inspiration from this embellished green dress by ASOS or even this leopard print by Mary Katrantzou:

image1xl (4)WOU5ED870006SIM_2_large


Not everyone is comfortable revealing their arms, whether it’s shyness about a skin condition or a gesture of respect. But let’s get this straight: covered up doesn’t mean boring.

A slightly sheer lace overlay with a shift dress does a great job of covering up in a feminine way:


For an outdoors wedding, a bright floral print with a half sleeve will look good and protect the bridesmaids from the sun at the same time:


We love this bright pink embellished dress! Flattering and refined, it still comfortably covers everything up.
image1xl (8)



Find all the pieces in every colour by clicking below. (A quick disclaimer: we do get a commission from these links, so if you like the dress, buy here to help us keep funding TANJONG BAZAAR!)

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