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Interview with Asava

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​by Yvette I was completely mesmerised by the charisma of Thai designer Polpat “Moo” or “Asava” Asavaprapa. He is a man who challenges stereotypes and made me laugh numerous times on and off camera. As I said to him, his energy, passion and enthusiasm was infectious and as for his clothing? Well, his fabrics, prints, cuts and style of the collections in his eponymous label blew me away. So wearable,…

Le Labo

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by Yvette​ They say fragrance brand Le Labo was founded in Grasse, France and raised in New York, USA. The story goes that Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot had a light bulb moment while undergoing fragrance training in Grasse – to revive the art of perfumery. This charming narrative lead them to New York, where they opened their first flagship store. ​ Le Labo is a made to order concept comprising of 12 scents….

TIPPY TIPPY interview

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by Yvette ​TANJONG BAZAAR on tour would not be complete without visiting Tippy Supornthip Choungrangsee – the founder and lead designer of TIPPY TIPPY. Renowned for being a fashionista, style leader and superstar publicist in Thai society, Tippy decided to move away from her successful career in public relations to set her sights on jewellery. ​I must say that when she walked into the room I was speechless – she is STUNNING! And…

The Body Shop celebrates the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics

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20 years is a long time to battle. This one’s a fight for those that can’t fight for themselves. Finally, after all this campaigning, The Body Shop has been able to celebrate an EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics from yesterday, 11 March 2013. This ban includes the ​prevention of the importation and sale of animal tested products and ingredients in the EU. Beauty can and should be cruelty-free…

Hermès: Long live sport!

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Synonymous with uber-lux is ​pretty much our most desired label Hermès. To own a coveted Birkin bag is any girl’s dream and let’s not forget the most famous scarves – even the Queen of England wore a Hermès square of silk for a postage stamp portrait. One faithful day, we were opening our inbox and saw an email from them addressed to little old TANJONG BAZAAR! Die! Anyhoo, this little gesture…

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